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Quality Document

Dokumen mutu UAJY mengadopsi standar ISO/TR 10013:2001, dan ditetapkan dengan tingkatan sebagai berikut:

  • Level 1: Quality System Manual (QSM)
  • Level 2: Quality System Procedure (QSP)
  • Level 3: Work Instruction (WI)
  • Level 4: Supporting Program (SP)
  • Level 5: Quality System Record (QSR)
  • Level 6: Internal Document (ID) dan External Document (ED)


Prosedur Pengendalian Dokumen Mutu UAJY

Prosedur Pengendalian rsip dan Rekaman UAJY

Dokumen-dokumen Mutu UAJY (hanya dapat diakses internal UAJY)

A record is a concert without halls and a museum whose curator is the owner (Glenn Gould)